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Each Crib and every bed available in the catalog includes a wholly complimentary mattress. You can pick cots (lastevoodid) versions without dividers, that also to comfort and protection, allow one to maximize storage space, making sure everything unites flawlessly.

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Models For relaxation and safety

Each of The versions of kids’ beds (laste voodi) available in the catalog with this store are very safe for moments of relaxation and fun.
Thank you To its layout and structure made with watertight materials like wood, those beds support your youngster’s burden whilst playing, sleeping, leaping, and with pleasure.

You May also choose from different models which include protection barriers set on a single or both sides depending on your require. These accessories are specially designed to protect and stop the child from falling from bed when still sleeping.

Each Bed involves a completely free mattress to guarantee comfort when you obtain the version you enjoy best.

Even the Most unexpected number

Additionally, it Is standard that after you research the shop’s merchandise catalogue, it’s tricky to choose a single model. The ideal baby crib designs, traveling toddlers, dual vanities, car or truck style and design kids beds, kids beds with drawers, bunkbeds, and more.

A Amazing benefit is you may pick one children’s bed (laste voodi) in different colors such as white, pink, or gray, or order it at a customized coloration to blend in with your chamber style. They can also be ordered in the measurements you want.