The most total satisfaction that the crew has is achieving the trophy of any Key tournament of CSGO. At the conclusion of a marathon that commenced a long time before sitting down in front of a display and beginning to snap, a catharsis of pleasure, tears and pleasure is achieved for attaining glory inside the highest international Counter Strike csgo competitors.

The guidelines set up in the highest competition of the famous game, are already until now a discord between your planners, the groups, the spectators as well as Control device himself.

And when the global circumstance that is certainly simply being experienced because of the COVID-19 pandemic can also be mixed, it has forced Control device to create adjustments to both days and category approaches for the following ESL One function in Rio de Janeiro, that is to be rescheduled for your 30 days of November 2020.

Among Might 21 and 24 of the 12 months, the Brazilian Major of CSGO was scheduled, who got set up the volume of one million bucks to deliver one of the best teams of the Control device Shooter on earth.

As compensation for your particular date modify, that will now be from November 19 to 22, the ESL One out of Brazil will twice the honor and now two zillion bucks is going to be spread. An incredibly appealing honor to the contributing groups.

Even so, in the latest distribution around the Counter Strike established website, the crews need to be eligible yet again in regional events, to create the destination for the Rio de Janeiro event. The crews who had gained the career in accordance with the situation attained in the StarLadder Berlin Main in 2019 must qualify again.

These national CSGO tournaments must adhere to certain polices that need considering as qualifying tournaments. They should make invitations to the peak rated groups in the location. Also, they must make open qualifiers for the rest of the groups.

The number of 24 crews will attend ESL One in Rio de Janeiro which represents six areas. Announcements for the tournament will be given based on the performance with your place along with the place using the highest overall performance will get the most wedding invitations.